When is the Best Time to take Senior Portaits?

April 12, 2022

Here are some suggestions for Seniors who aren't sure when they should take their Senior Portraits.

For a variety of reasons, June is a great time to take senior portraits. Because students are not in school during the summer, there is more availability for daytime appointments. The second is the beautiful weather. Outdoor settings are stunning with lush green grass, blooming flowers, and plenty of leaves. It is a good idea to take summer portraits for yearbook ads. FALL ATHLETES - Once school begins, there is often no time for senior portraits. This includes marching band.


July and August make great months to take senior portraits. Even though it can get quite hot in the afternoons, outdoor backgrounds offer beautiful summer settings and are full of summer colors. Some students have gotten the suntan they want from the month before. It is difficult to schedule appointments for seniors who must return to school in the middle of August.


Except for Fall athletes, September is a very popular month. Seniors who do not like the heat or cold of Winter, September is a great choice. We are forced to schedule outside appointments sooner than usual because of the shorter daylight hours. Appointments for Saturday afternoons and Saturdays are very limited at this time of the year. Students who get out of school early would benefit from this time of year.


October is our busiest month. We try to schedule sessions 6 to 7 days per week so that we can get all senior portraits and family portraits done before the leaves drop. As the weather cools, outdoor colors will change. The fall leaves' red, yellow, and brown colors make great outdoor backgrounds. This is especially true for family portraits, which could be printed in time to celebrate the holidays. It is difficult to get an appointment time due to the shorter daylight hours, so make sure you are there during off-peak times.


December to February are the last months of fall and the trees are empty. Portraits can be taken indoors or outdoors in the snow at this time of year. To avoid frostbite and red cheeks, outdoor sessions in cooler temperatures must be completed quickly.


It is getting close to March and time is running out for portraits to be back in time for graduation announcements. It's still not green outside so avoiding rain is a challenge.

April and May

April and May bring greener outdoor backgrounds. Seniors are very busy with the end of year activities.  This is a great opportunity to take family portraits outside before seniors leave for college.

Yearbook photo Deadlines vary depending on the school.


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