Boston Headshots / South Shore Headshots 

We are located South Shore and we focus only creating you the best possible headshots. At Photography Shark Studio’s we understand the difference between a Headshot with a fake smile or uncomfortable expression on their face and a Headshot that inspires confidence to the viewer.  We combine our specialty in lighting to creates utterly amazing Headshots.  These Headshots will capture your true personality and that will land you the job.  We will ensure this is your best Headshot yet.
You will be proud to leverage these Headshots, LinkedIn, Corporate, Social Media, Dating Sites, or just for fun, Photography Shark Studios will make sure you're leaving with a Headshot that you'll want to post everywhere.

All Headshot Packages are a 48 Hour Service

Choose Your Package

For those that don't have a lot of time, our Basic Headshot Package is the package for you.  This Package takes 15-Minutes to capture your perfect Headshots.  Let your personality shine through your Headshot to stand out from the crowd.  Perfect for Social Media use. 
If you need to update your Website, Portfolio, or Business Card, our Professional Headshot Package is what you're looking for.  Great for a variety of Professional purposes including LinkedIn, Resumes and Job Applications and takes just 30-Minutes to capture your new Professional Headshots.  We’ll help you in posing, choosing the best backdrop color and lighting to get the best Headshots possible.

Calling all aspiring Actors, if you want to land the part and show off all your good sides our, Actor Headshot Package is the one for you.  In the Acting World it is easy to blend into the numerous Headshots agencies are zooming through daily, but at Photography Shark Studio's we understand what the agencies are looking for and how to capture your unique personality into a Headshot that will make that make a second, and a third look at you.

Maybe you want a combination of it all? Glamour Shots, Acting Shots, Headshots, and Full-Body Shots, our Pro Package takes care of it all.  Our Pro Package is perfect for those who are writing a book and need some photos, bloggers, influencers, and entrepreneurs who need a variety of looks.


Makeup Artist

Help capture your best look yet and feel pampered by adding on your own Personal Makeup Artist to any of our Photography Packages.  Please call for pricing.


For those that do not have a lot of time, our Basic Headshot Package is perfect for a personalized Headshot that shows your personality and make you stand out from the rest.


Basic Headshot

Perfect for LinkedIn, Websites, Facebook and Social Media platforms, Business Cards.

  • 2 Final Retouched Images

  • 15 Minutes

  • ​1 Background Color

  • ​Online Gallery for Proofing

  • (15-20 Images)

  •  Full usage rights


Professional Headshot Package

A Professional Headshot is an investment in your personal brand and image. We’ll help you in posing, choosing the best backdrop color and lighting to get the best Headshots possible. Used for a variety of  Professional purposes including LinkedIn, Resumes and Job Applications, Websites, Business Cards, and Portfolios.

  • 4 Final Retouched Images

  • 30 Minutes

  • 2 Background Color

  • ​Online Gallery for Proofing

  • (20-30 Images)

  •  Full usage rights


Actor Headshot Package

In such a competitive industry, it is crucial to have capturing Headshots, otherwise you're overlooked.  Casting directors spend most days and nights flipping through hundreds of headshots, so it is really important that your headshots stand out from the rest, capture your personality and make a lasting impression.

  • 10 Final Retouched Images

  • 2 Hours

  • 3 Background Color

  • ​Online Gallery for Proofing

  • (90-100 Images)

  •  Full usage rights


 Professional Headshot Package

This package is made to treat yourself, make you feel in the best way possible. It will provide you with pictures for any use. 

With a professional photographer that specializes in helping you pose, assisting in choosing the best background and lighting for you, it will show your professionalism and unique personality in the right way.

16 Final Retouched Images

4 Hours

3 Background Color

​Online Gallery for Proofing

(90-100 Images)

 Full usage rights