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Who is Boston boudoir for?

Two kinds of people.
First, people who feel good about themselves and know they are beautiful. Maybe they want to celebrate themselves and their body or make an album for their partner. They could be celebrating an upcoming wedding or a big birthday.

The second group is, in my experience, much larger. These are people who don’t already feel completely confident in themselves, but they are working towards that goal. Maybe they have some difficult experiences or traumas to overcome, or getting divorced. Maybe they lost a lot of weight or defeated cancer. These are women on a journey to be more confident and recognize their own beauty. They want to live this experience as a way to begin a new chapter in their lives with a new perspective on themselves.

Boudoir has a transformative element on a psychological level like no other genre of photography. It can be considered part of a therapeutic process that lets a woman confront some of her fears, explore her femininity, and know her body from a perspective that is out of the ordinary. A woman can come to appreciate and value the beauty in herself. She can tell her own story, whether it be to one person or the whole world, all from a space of safety and security.
When you combine all these elements they have amazing potential. You can improve your self image, feel better and more secure in your own skin, and feel more empowered. You might be surprised how this experience can positively affect your life, on a personal level with your partner and family, even the confidence you have at work.